April Blog Posts!

Welcome To Realty ONE Group

Hello! As a  Lifestyle and Real Estate Brand, Realty ONE Group is laying a foundation in the local area as a career opportunity that appreciates ONEness.

You have ONE life to live. ONE chance to make it meaningful and ONE opportunity to live with no regrets.  Click on the welcome mat and look at our 6 “C’s” and why we are the new unbrokerage!

Give Me A Minute Or Two…Just…

In a few seconds you can see the glaring differences in our model versus the others! Get walked through the steps to figure out if a change may be good!  Click on DO THE MATH  for more!

What Makes Us The UNbrokerage?

Opening doors across the globe–ONE home, ONE dream, ONE life at a time. Click on the dice to see what propels us on a daily basis. It’s called the Six C’s

Your ONE Stop Location For Tools and Resources

It’s too easy. Manage your entire business through your very own customized dashboard, zONE. Sign in once and do it all in ONE place. Click on the POWER OF ONE for a video snapshot of the zONE!

Happy They Are With The ONE

When looking at different brokerages, it’s prudent to hear from those that made the switch to a ONE brokerage. Click on the Megaphone to hear from 3 agents that are now experiencing the COOLture! If you want to talk to some agents locally, that are now with Realty ONE Group, just ask me!

A Look at Some of the Most Expensive Homes Ever Sold in the U.S.

Ever wonder where the wealthy are putting their money?  Click on the Tree-Scaped home for the new record -setters!

IRS Warns Of Realistic Telephone Scam

Internal Revenue Service officials do sometimes call taxpayers, but they’ll never ask for your credit card information over the phone. However, scammers pretending to be from the IRS will not only ask for your credit card information, they’ll use it to bilk you out of money. Click through to learn all about this nationwide scam.

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